Status in progress
1. Strong and safe Aboriginal families and communities
1.1 Aboriginal families are strong and resilient
1.1.3 Families have greater awareness and ability to protect their civil rights
In progress
Court Services Victoria

Where we are up to 

In response to feedback from Aboriginal clients, a Koori landing page has been launched alongside the new Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) website (External link).

This page includes videos, case studies and referral information, encouraging Aboriginal users to contact the VCAT Koori Support Team. The Koori Support Team Leader and Program Advisor role were re-advertised and expressions of interest sought.

The first VCAT Koori Reference Group meeting and a VCAT Koori Stakeholder Information Sharing meeting have taken place, with the aim of improving service delivery for Aboriginal clients.

VCAT Koori hearing rooms are being planned for the venues in Frankston and Bundoora.  

The Koori Engagement Team at VCAT currently attends up to four phone hearings per week, primarily in the Guardianship and Administration Lists. Ten to twelve new inquiries or requests for copies of orders are received each week.