Status in progress
1. Strong and safe Aboriginal families and communities
1.1 Aboriginal families are strong and resilient
1.1.3 Families have greater awareness and ability to protect their civil rights
In progress
Court Services Victoria

Where we are up to 

Koori Hearing Rooms launched at VCAT Frankston (25 March 2021) and VCAT Bundoora (23 April 2021):

A Monitoring and Evaluation Framework has been developed. Work is being progressed on the new digital case management system, which will improve Koori data capturing.

VCAT Residential Tenancies List has a significant backlog, due to the rental arrears' moratorium and the introduction of new RTAA legislation. Matters with legislated listing times are listed with priority.

VCAT Guardianship List has continued to hear all applications throughout lockdowns. Several Koori cases have been affected by delays caused by a shortage of Judicial Officers. Koori Support and Human Rights List staff have contacted the affected parties. They provided information on the expected delay and how to expedite urgent hearings.

Civil listings are currently listing applications received by VCAT in December of 2020. VCAT is currently investigating mechanisms to expedite backlogged hearings. Several Koori identifying users have been impacted by this delay. VCAT Koori Support Team staff have made efforts to contact any affected parties and provided information on applying for urgent hearings for the most vulnerable clients.