Nine Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committees (RAJACs) have been established throughout Victoria. Each RAJAC is supported by a full-time Executive Officer employed by the Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS) who is responsible for day-to-day management and planning for the committee.

The Executive Officer is located within the DJCS regional office and reports to the DJCS Regional Director in the region they are located.

The role and responsibilities of RAJACs are to:

  • advocate for and promote improved justice outcomes and Aboriginal justice initiatives to both Aboriginal communities and government agencies
  • develop and implement Regional Justice Action Plans that address Aboriginal over-representation
  • promote and participate in cross agency and partnership forums, such as the Aboriginal Justice Forum, and other initiatives to address Aboriginal disadvantage
  • work with other regional Aboriginal advocacy groups
  • monitor and comment on Aboriginal contact with the justice system at a regional and state-wide level
  • promote and nurture the LAJACs, providing advocacy for them at the regional level
  • participate in the assessment process for government grant funding applications for Aboriginal justice-related programs
  • aiding in the successful delivery of Aboriginal programs under Burra Lotjpa Dunguludja.

Local Aboriginal Justice Action Committees

Local Aboriginal Justice Action Committees (LAJACs) have been established to develop close relationships and build trust with local Aboriginal communities experiencing poor justice outcomes.

The LAJACs are responsible for promoting and nourishing improved relationships, linkages and reconciliation between the wider local Aboriginal community, justice agencies, local government and community service providers.

In some cases the LAJACs are supported by a dedicated LAJAC Project Officer, employed by the DJCS and located within one of the DJCS regional offices. In other cases, the RAJAC Executive Officer also supports the function of the LAJAC.