Burra Lotjpa Dunguludja 
(‘Senior Leaders Talking Strong’)

Burra Lotjpa Dunguludja means ‘Senior Leaders Talking Strong’ in Yorta Yorta language. We offer our sincere thanks to Aunty Zeta Thomson, a Yorta Yorta/Wurundjeri Elder, and member of the Aboriginal Justice Caucus for providing a name that reflects the importance of the enduring partnership that supports this Agreement.

Advice to our readers

To all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers, we advise that this document may include photos, quotations and/or names of people who are deceased.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in Victoria and involved in the justice sector have diverse cultures. The term 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander' is used when referring to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia. When referring to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Victoria, the term ‘Aboriginal’ is used. Other terms such as ‘Koori’, ‘Koorie’ and ‘Indigenous’ are retained in the names of programs, initiatives, publication titles and in reference to published data.

The word family has many different meanings. Use of the words ‘family’ and ‘families’ is all encompassing and acknowledges the variety of relationships and structures that can make up a family unit, including family-like or care relationships and extended kinship structures.

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Download the Agreement

PDF of Phase 4 of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement, Burra Lotjpa Dunguludja

PDF of Phase 3 of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement  (External link)

PDF of Phase 2 of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement  (External link)

PDF of Phase 1 of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement  (External link) 

Outcomes of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement

The Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement is a long-term partnership between the Aboriginal community and the Victorian Government. Each phase of the AJA has built upon its predecessors to further improve justice outcomes for Aboriginal people.

To find out more about the outcomes and achievements of the AJA, visit the outcomes (External link) page.