Status complete
1. Strong and safe Aboriginal families and communities
1.2 Aboriginal communities are safer
1.2.1 Victims and witnesses are better supported to manage and minimise the effects of crime
Court Services Victoria

Where we are up to

Umalek Balit continues to operate at all of the sites it is currently implemented (Mildura, Melbourne, Shepparton and Ballarat). While COVID-19 restrictions are in place all community engagement takes place remotely via phone consultations.

Koori Women’s Family Violence Practitioners are providing remote coverage at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and Mildura Law Court.

Recruitment for the Koori Family Violence Practitioner roles for Ballarat is underway, with the Men’s Practitioner role already filled.

The absence of a Women’s Practitioner, transition in roles for the Men’s Practitioner and the COVID-19 restrictions have led to a decline in client numbers.