Status in progress
1. Strong and safe Aboriginal families and communities
1.2 Aboriginal communities are safer
1.2.2 Communities are more enabled to address local justice issues
In progress
Koori Justice Unit, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Where we are up to 

Initial scoping work has concluded. The next stage of the project is being carried out by Moogji Aboriginal Council (an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation in East Gippsland, Victoria). The project will focus on enhancing support for the Aboriginal community through: 

• development of employment pathways with key regional government agencies

• development of targeted vocational training in the region to enable greater access to employment opportunities

• fostering procurement opportunities for regional Aboriginal businesses.  

Previous update

As at June 2019, the Aboriginal Justice Caucus selected the East Gippsland Collective Impact Project and Restorative Justice Project to be the first Place-Based Local Community-Led Justice Projects to be implemented. Both projects are in the early stages of development and targeted grants processes are underway to engage suitably qualified organisations or technical support to work with local project teams to establish these projects.