Status in progress
2. Fewer Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system
2.3 Fewer Aboriginal people progress through the criminal justice system
2.3.3 More people successfully address fines, warrants and/or meet conditions of orders and sentences
In progress
Youth Justice, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Where we are up to 

The Aboriginal Intensive Case Management model has been developed by Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Cooperative.

Goolum Goolum has been provided with funding for an additional Aboriginal Youth Justice worker for the purpose of implementing the intensive case management model. Providing Aboriginal-led intensive case management for high-risk-and-complex-needs Aboriginal children and young people on bail and community-based orders, is a Wirkara Kulpa action and identified as a priority by the Aboriginal Justice Caucus for implementation in more locations.

Another Wirkara Kulpa action is establishing Aboriginal-led case management reviews panels so that care and supports address the strengths, risks and needs of Aboriginal children and young people, and issues contributing to their over-representation.

The Aboriginal Case Management Review Panel Working Group, a sub-working group of the Youth Collaborative Working Group, is overseeing the development and implementation of this initiative. The Working Group supported the commencement of the Review Panels in one location (Shepparton, Hume Region) for 2022-23.

Aboriginal Youth Justice is working closely with regional stakeholders in Shepparton and in partnership with the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) to deliver this important initiative that will respond to the complex and multiple needs of Aboriginal children and young people in Shepparton through a strengths-based, child and youth centred model.

In line with the principles of Wirkara Kulpa, the Review Panels will amplify the voice of Aboriginal children and young people – including their families – and develop actions and service responses based on what young people want and need. The panels will be co-chaired by the Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People and Director, Aboriginal Youth Justice.

Panel members will include Aboriginal community members and senior executives from Aboriginal community organisations, service providers including from the Department of Education and Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.