Status in progress
2. Fewer Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system
2.3 Fewer Aboriginal people progress through the criminal justice system
2.3.1 More people are diverted from further contact with the criminal justice system
In progress
Youth Justice, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Where we are up to 

The Aboriginal Youth Justice Strategy (the strategy) is being developed in partnership with members of the Aboriginal Justice Caucus, under the guiding principles of self-determination, as enshrined in Burra Lotjpa Dunguludja (the fourth phase of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement). To date, a planning workshop has been held with Caucus to identify the scope, goals and key focus areas for the strategy. 

Other work that has progressed includes the development of an Aboriginal Youth Engagement Strategy and a data analysis and research project, to meet the Burra Lotjpa Dunguludja target of 43 fewer Aboriginal young people under youth justice supervision (community and custodial) on an average day by 2023.