Status complete
2. Fewer Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system
2.4 Fewer Aboriginal people return to the criminal justice system
2.4.1 People build resilience whilst in contact with the justice system
Corrections Victoria, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Where we are up to 

Funding has been awarded under the 2021-22 State Budget to extend services delivered under the State-wide Indigenous Arts in Prison and Community (SIAPC) program to 30 June 2023.

The SIAPC program will continue to support the development of self-esteem and resilience through cultural strengthening and artistic expression. The program includes an in-prison art program, as well as post release support for participants to continue their art. All program participants can earn income through the promotion, licencing and sale of artworks.


The Torch (External link) has been delivering the Statewide Indigenous Arts in Prisons and Community Program (SIAPC) since 2011. The SIAPC Program focuses on the role of culture and cultural identity in the rehabilitative process of Aboriginal prisoners, while providing developmental opportunities for emerging artists.