Status in progress
3. A more effective justice system with greater Aboriginal control
3.1 The needs of Aboriginal people are met through a more culturally informed and safe system
3.1.1 Justice programs and services are more culturally safe, responsive, inclusive and effective
In progress
Justice Assurance & Review Office, Department of Justice and Community Safety
Koori Justice Unit, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Where we are up to 

The Secretary approved transitioning the Aboriginal Independent Prisoner Visitor Scheme’s (IPVS) management to the Koori Justice Unit (KJU) in July 2021. On 16 August 2021, the Justice Assurance and Review Office (JARO) met with the Acting Deputy Secretary, Aboriginal Justice, and the KJU to discuss the transition.

A transition plan outlines arrangements to transition the management of the current Aboriginal IPVS to KJU, using the current IPVS framework and processes as an interim operating model. This will ultimately be replaced by a new, culturally appropriate model designed by the KJU. This work has commenced, and JARO has transferred its Senior Aboriginal IPV Scheme Project and Strategy Officer and associated funding to the KJU. This position is currently vacant however KJU are currently planning recruitment activities for this role.

JARO and KJU meet regularly to progress the transition plan and intend for the scheme to be transferred by December 2022. In the interim, JARO continues to provide updates to the Minister for Corrections through a quarterly activity report.

JARO has informed all IPVs and prison General Managers and IPVS portfolio holders about the impending transition of the Aboriginal IPVS to the KJU.