Status in progress
3. A more effective justice system with greater Aboriginal control
3.1 The needs of Aboriginal people are met through a more culturally informed and safe system
3.1.2 More people are able to access justice programs and services that are trauma informed, restorative and therapeutic
In progress
Court Services Victoria

Where we are up to 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the suspension of the County, Magistrates’ and Children’s Koori Courts effective from 19 and 27 March 2020, respectively.

In response, the courts have changed the way they operate, incorporating technology to deliver justice remotely. Integrated video conferencing technology solutions are supporting multi-party appearances in remote hearings.

To overcome technical difficulties with the virtual participation of Elders and Respected Persons (ERPs) in Koori Courts, Koori Court Officers offer technology support in advance, facilitating and assisting all rostered ERPs with technical and pre-court briefings.