Status in progress
4. Greater self-determination in the justice sector
4.1 Greater accountability for justice outcomes
4.1.2 Increase Aboriginal community ownership of and access to data
In progress
Victoria Police
Victim Support and Justice Operations, Department of Justice and Community Safety
Koori Justice Unit, Department of Justice and Community Safety
Crime Statistics Agency, Department of Justice and Community Safety
Court Services Victoria
Youth Justice, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Where we are up to 

The Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) has undertaken significant work to improve the quality of Aboriginal identification in crime data and better understand the data needs of Aboriginal communities, organisations and representative groups. This has improved the availability of high quality data to support Aboriginal decision-making in relation to policy and program development.

Victoria Police identified several IT barriers that was impacting upon the integrity of the data. Victoria Police invested significantly in IT enhancements. The Standard Indigenous Question (SIQ) IT Enhancement project worked collaboratively with CSA and Corrections Victoria (CV) to improve the recording and reporting of Standard Indigenous Question (SIQ) data. The SIQ IT enhancement project is finalised and Victoria Police and CSA are now testing data quality.

In parallel, Victoria Police implemented a communications plan to encourage asking the SIQ for every victim, every offender – every time.  A suite of educational and communication packages has been distributed across the organisation complementing local initiatives. These materials are available internally to all members on a communication hub. The Victoria Police Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training package will also encourage asking and recording the SIQ.