Status in progress
4. Greater self-determination in the justice sector
4.1 Greater accountability for justice outcomes
4.1.2 Increase Aboriginal community ownership of and access to data
In progress
Victoria Police
Victim Support and Justice Operations, Department of Justice and Community Safety
Koori Justice Unit, Department of Justice and Community Safety
Crime Statistics Agency, Department of Justice and Community Safety
Court Services Victoria
Youth Justice, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Where we are up to 

An Aboriginal, data specialist was appointed by the Crime Statistics Agency in July 2019. The data specialist provides assistance to Local and Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committees, the Aboriginal Justice Forum, Dhelk Dja Regional Action Groups and the Dhelk Dja Partnership Forum. The Crime Statistics Agency is working with these groups to understand their current and future data needs to assist them with accessing relevant data.



Under previous phases of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement various projects have been undertaken to improve the collection, availability and use of data relating to Aboriginal involvement in the justice system. This work, including new projects and initiatives continues.