Status in progress
4. Greater self-determination in the justice sector
4.1 Greater accountability for justice outcomes
4.1.1 Independent oversight of Aboriginal justice outcomes
In progress
Koori Justice Unit, Department of Justice and Community Safety
Justice Policy and Data Reform, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Where we are up to 

An Aboriginal Justice Commissioner Discussion Paper was prepared, outlining existing independent oversight and accountability mechanisms currently operating in Victoria - their processes, successes and limitations – as well as in other Australian jurisdictions and internationally. This discussion paper highlights several issues for the Aboriginal Justice Caucus to consider in the development of a proposal for an Aboriginal Justice Commissioner.


The Aboriginal Justice Caucus has for many years advocated for the establishment of an independent agency to ensure greater accountability of Government to the community in relation to the achievement of better justice outcomes for Aboriginal people in Victoria. These discussions have highlighted Caucus’ desire for creating a role, such as an independent Aboriginal Justice Commissioner (or Commission), to monitor, review and inquire into progress (or lack thereof) towards improving Aboriginal experiences and outcomes across the justice system, whilst also progressing self-determination principles.