Status in progress
4. Greater self-determination in the justice sector
4.2 Greater Aboriginal community leadership and strategic decision making
4.2.1 Aboriginal people have greater roles in leadership, governance and decision making
In progress
Youth Justice, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Where we are up to

The Korin Gamadji Institute (External link) facilitated a cultural and leadership program supporting Aboriginal young women in custody. The program ran for six weeks in 2019 and was well received by the participants.  

Previous update

As at June 2019, plans are underway to expand the provision of the Korin Gamadji Institute’s (KGI) cultural and leadership program to Aboriginal young women in custody. The program will run on Sundays over a period of six weeks. The program aims to enhance the cultural support provided to young women in custody. During the 2019 autumn school holidays, World Vision ran a culturally based leadership program with Aboriginal young women, called 'Young Mob'. The program acknowledged the need for specific programs designed to meet the needs of Aboriginal young women in custody. Attendance was voluntary. All of the young Aboriginal young women opted to participate at some point during the two week school break.