Status in progress
4. Greater self-determination in the justice sector
4.2 Greater Aboriginal community leadership and strategic decision making
4.2.1 Aboriginal people have greater roles in leadership, governance and decision making
In progress
Family Violence and Mental Health

Where we are up to

The Family Violence Practice Leadership Team continues to seek input from external stakeholders (such as the Aboriginal Justice Caucus and AJA4 Women, Families and Victims Collaborative Working Group) and internal services (such as the Koori Justice Unit) in enhancing consideration of and response to Aboriginal experiences of family violence. For example, the team engaged Aboriginal stakeholders in the development of VPS-wide family violence events to enable consistent consideration of the needs of Aboriginal clients with family violence practice.

The service delivery model for the embedding of legal services within The Orange Door Network pilot has been designed utilising insights from key Aboriginal legal sector stakeholders, including Djirra and the Victorian Aborignal Legal Service (VALS).

Through stakeholder consultation it was advised that a culturally safe pathway would be required for Aboriginal clients, whereby they could be referred out of the mainstream pilot to receive specialist, culturally safe legal support. On this basis, Djirra and VALS have been funded to accept referrals from the pilot. Djirra and VALS have also been actively engaged in supporting the design of the Evaluation Framework which will underpin the pilot. This includes determining the quantitative data that will be available and/or required to be collected to support the Evaluation.