The Aboriginal Justice Caucus comprises the Aboriginal community members of the Aboriginal Justice Forum. In addition to the nine Chairs of the RAJACs the Aboriginal Justice Caucus also includes Aboriginal representatives of Aboriginal peak bodies and some Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.

The purpose of the Aboriginal Justice Caucus is to be a conduit between the Aboriginal community and the justice system. The Aboriginal Justice Caucus provides leadership, advocacy and drives continuous change to address the drivers of offending as well as system and programmatic reform within the criminal justice system. 

The Aboriginal Justice Caucus is guided by values and principles which ensures that Caucus:

  • Ground our work in Aboriginal cultural protocols
  • Advocate for the Aboriginal community
  • Provide a fearless community voice that leads to community driven change and inspires the community to be self-determining
  • Lead, influence and negotiate change
  • Continue to work in partnership with our stakeholders
  • Analyse issues across the state
  • Make well informed decisions
  • Are informed and active
  • Discuss issues, share ideas, local expertise and experience, problem solve and develop a common view of key issues. 

Contact the Aboriginal Justice Caucus Secretariat

Ashlee Marston
Mobile: 0484 373 347  
Email: (External link)