The Aboriginal Justice Forum brings together leaders in the Aboriginal community and the most senior representatives of the Justice, Health and Human Services, and Education government departments and Aboriginal Victoria (within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet). Aboriginal community representation at the Forum includes each of the nine RAJAC chairs as well as senior representatives from a number of key Aboriginal community organisations and peak bodies. The functions of the Aboriginal Justice Forum are to:

  • promote and coordinate the AJA principles and initiatives in the Aboriginal community and across the justice system
  • promote discussion and awareness of Aboriginal justice issues and the identification or development of solutions to address improved justice outcomes for the Aboriginal  community
  • promote increased positive participation of the Aboriginal community in the justice system and AJA
  • promote greater accountability and transparency of the justice system in its relationship with the Aboriginal community
  • promote innovative and best practice approaches to the design, development, implementation and evaluation of AJA3 initiatives and other justice-related programs and services that impact on the Aboriginal community
  • report to the Victorian Government on justice issues impacting on the Aboriginal  community
  • monitor, review and report on the implementation of AJA-related initiatives and other justice-related initiatives that impact on the Aboriginal community
  • monitor, analyse and report on data describing Aboriginal contact with the justice system
  • promote cross-sectoral linkages and partnerships with other Aboriginal based structures in government and the community to tackle Aboriginal disadvantage and over-representation.

The Aboriginal Justice Forum have met more than fifty times in almost 20 years.