Burra Lotjpa Dunguludja will be activated through a comprehensive implementation plan that will detail the actions and initiatives to achieve the outcomes outlined in this document. The implementation of actions will be formalised through regional and agency action plans, and will be monitored and revised regularly in light of changing circumstances and priorities.

The first plans will be developed in 2018, and refreshed periodically to reflect new knowledge, evidence and activity. The plans will show how we are tracking against our outcomes and progress will be tracked on this website.



Burra Lotjpa Dunguludja implementation  - accessible description

  • The vision
  • Domains articulate broad areas for actions aligned with achieving the vision.
  • Goals show the difference we want to see
  • Outcomes reflect desired changes for individuals, families, communities and the justice system
  • Strategies are how we will achieve the desired outcomes

Implementation Plan

  • Actions will turn the strategies into real initiatives on the ground and identify accountabilities and responsibilities.
  • Indicators will define the change needed to progress towards an outcome and how they will be monitored.