Aboriginal Justice Forum

The Aboriginal Justice Forum (AJF) will continue to bring together the most senior representatives of Victoria’s Aboriginal communities and the justice human services, health and education government portfolios in order to oversee the development, implementation, monitoring and direction of this Agreement.  The strength of the AJF is acknowledged as a mechanism for ensuring transparency and high levels of accountability for Aboriginal justice outcomes. The AJF will provide strategic oversight of this Agreement, drive implementation, collaborative action and maintain high-level commitment to achieving our desired outcomes and goals.

Aboriginal Justice Caucus

The Aboriginal Justice Caucus (formerly known as Koori Caucus) is made up of the Aboriginal community members of the Aboriginal Justice Forum. Aboriginal Justice Caucus meetings provide opportunities for members to discuss issues, share ideas and experiences, problem solve and develop a common view on key issues prior to reporting to the Aboriginal Justice Forum. As in the past, members of the Aboriginal Justice Caucus will be engaged in all justice agency working groups and project committees to ensure Aboriginal input into all facets of this Agreement and its implementation.

Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committees

The nine Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committees (RAJACs) will be instrumental in developing and maintaining strong partnerships and plans between Aboriginal communities and justice agencies that are crucial to successfully implementing this Agreement across Victoria. RAJACS operate in each justice region:

  • Eastern Metropolitan
  • Southern Metropolitan
  • Northern Metropolitan
  • Western Metropolitan
  • Grampians
  • Barwon South West
  • Gippsland 
  • Hume 
  • Loddon Mallee

RAJACs also play a particularly important role in building community participation and involvement in AJA related work, advocating for program and service changes to improve justice outcomes, providing advice and expertise in the development and implementation of place-based initiatives and ensuring regional issues are raised and responded to via the AJF.

Local Aboriginal Justice Action Committees

Local Aboriginal Justice Action Committees exist across Victoria to enable local justice issues to be identified and resolved locally. Like RAJACS and the AJF, LAJACs bring together local Aboriginal community members, justice agency staff and judicial representatives to develop and inform local responses to Aboriginal justice and community safety issues. LAJACs promote Aboriginal participation in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of local justice initiatives, promote justice programs and services across Aboriginal communities, and provide local knowledge and advice to inform AJA related work.

Currently, LAJACs operate in:

  • Barwon South West (Geelong; Glenelg; Warrnambool)
  • Gippsland (East Gippsland; Latrobe)
  • Hume (Shepparton, Wodonga) and
  • Loddon Mallee (Bendigo; Echuca; Mildura; Robinvale; Swan Hill).

Koori Justice Unit

The Koori Justice Unit (KJU) within the Department of Justice and Regulation is responsible for coordinating the development and delivery of Aboriginal justice policies and programs across the Victorian Government and justice agencies. The KJU builds capacity in the department and the Aboriginal community, to develop and deliver effective and efficient justice services and initiatives in partnership; provides advice to the Justice Executive, Ministers and staff across the department on issues impacting on Aboriginal communities across Victoria, advocates for ongoing improvement in the design and delivery of Aboriginal justice initiatives; monitors and evaluates Aboriginal justice initiatives; maintains a robust evidence base detailing Aboriginal involvement with criminal justice institutions; provides executive services to Justice Ministers and the Justice Executive and secretariat support and program implementation on behalf of the AJF.